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missha perfect cover bb cream review

Actually, I've never been a fan of foundations and makeup generally - since they feel heavy and cakey, but once I discovered this bb cream, my preferences changed instantly. I've been using this bb cream for 3 years now, and I really love it. (I've tried few other bb creams like Garnier - which I really disliked since it somehow damaged my skin, Skin79 hot pink bb cream and Missha's Signature bb cream, but this one is my favorite so far).

What is Missha M Perfect Cover?

Missha M Perfect cover BB Cream is a moisturising BB cream that contains both whitening and anti-aging properties. It also blocks UV rays thanks to its SPF42PA+++ and is suitable for all skin types, including acne-prone and troubled skin. (Actually, it somehow helped my acne's healing process).

missha perfect cover bb cream shades

Contrary to most of the bb creams I know, Missha's M perfect cover one provides many shades, which makes it easier to find a shade that matches your skin tone.

missha perfect cover bb cream

As for the packaging, it isn't the best (I'm a fan of cute things and it is everything but cute), but the 50ml tube is really convenient since it comes with a pump, which means it is really easy to use.

missha cover bb cream pump

Personal opinion?

- Affordable price: 11~12$ for the 50ml tube and about 7$ for the 20ml tube, free shipping since I buy it from eBay. (unless you buy it from missha's store outside Korea... my first one cost me about 30$ ;_;)

- Medium to full coverage: personally I don't have much to cover except for a little (rosy pink) acne scar I have right in the middle of my cheek (which I really hate) and it does a really good job covering it and evening out my skin tone.

missha bb cream swatches cover

- Moisture: it moisturizes the skin and makes it really soft without making it look too shiny (Personally I can stay 6-8 hours any real shine)

- Scent: it has a soft baby-like smell, that I really like.

- it actively treats blemishes and improve the skin's condition.

- Most importantly (at least for me), it feels so light on the skin that I almost forget I'm wearing it, the texture is smooth and creamy. I love it.

missha perfect cover #21 consistency

- The pump thingy that makes using it and controlling the amount needed really easy.

- It adapts to the skin tone after 10-15min : although my sister's skin tone is darker than mine, she uses the same shade and suits her perfectly.

There is nothing I dislike about it except for the packaging (a little bit) and that it's a little bit greyish when you first apply it.

Will I repurchase it?
Absolutely! but I guess I would try more bb creams as well.

Where can you buy it?

This was my first review so I hope you like it and find it useful, if there is anything you want to know about this bb cream just ask and I will make sure to answer your questions as soon as possible :)

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  1. This bb cream has many positive feedback but I don't know if it's gonna Suit my extremely oily skin. Do you know if it's gonna help controling the sebum secretion or make my co-workers see their reflection on my face?
    Thank you

    1. As far as I know, this bb cream has a matte finish. Personally, my face stays 6 hours before becoming shiny again (believe me I have some oily areas where you can fry fishes)
      If your skin is reaaaaally oily, try applying a blotting powder over the bb cream to control the oil and give you the matte finish you want.
      I hope it was helpful :)

  2. What are the other bb creams you have tried? Can you write a post where you will compare them please?

    1. I tried both missha's perfect cover and real complet, Skin79 hot pink, etude house magic bb cream and purito snail bb cream (in addition to Garnier's)
      I don't have the old bb creams but I will try to do a post about them later ^^

  3. I'm gonna recieve mine sometime this week, I can't wait! I'm really excited to finally try it *-*
    I bought the #13 by the way, I hope it won't be too ghosty

    1. Good luck with your bb cream, and don't worry about the shade, it adapts quickly ^^

  4. Thanks for your review, I really like this cream too. It seems to be a big worldwide hit.