[Review] Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream #21

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Missha Signature real complet review

Hello ~~

Today, I decided to review another Missha BB cream, and it's Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream (which I bought about a year ago and didn't complete yet, since I'm more into the perfect cover one)

 What does this BB cream's packaging look like?

Personally, I really liked this BB cream's packaging, it is classy and absolutely beautiful. 

missha signature real complet packaging
(Since it has been quite a long time that I've bought it, I honestly lost the box that's why I used this google picture..) 

In the front are written the product's name and some specific characteristics such as the SPF and the shade, while in the back are written some other informations in Hangul...

missha signature real complet pump

As you can see, this BB cream has the same pump thingy as the Perfect Cover BB Cream, but the tube is much sturdier. The metallic mauve gradient combined with the floral design (which are featured on the whole Signature line) makes the tube really beautiful.

And the BB cream?

The cream's texture is thinner and runnier M Perfect Cover, and after applying it, it feels a little bit sticky.

missha signature real complet consistency

And here is the swatches on my hand (sorry I was wearing a mask on my face, I couldn't apply BB cream). The left one is my bare hand skin, and the right one is after applying BB cream:

missha signature bb cream swatches

As you can see, it has a medium  coverage (I applied a tiny amount of the BB cream, and it was sufficient to cover my veins), a little amount is sufficient to even out my skin tone, and also it has a nice color that matches my skin tone perfectly. 
This BB cream makes my face look a little bit shiny and feels sticky, but it disappears few minutes later (otherwise it would have been awful.)

Does this BB cream have any magical effects?

To be honest, this BB cream was better than expected thanks to some of its surprising effects on my skin (and mostly on my mom's since I gave it to her afterwards). 
I have some super dry parts in my face that stayed surprisingly moisturized even after long hours. As for my mom's sensitive skin, it didn't irritate it and made her tiny wrinkles and pores less noticeable, which I really liked. It also has barrier-like effect that protects the skin from environmental factors, and vitamin A that made her skin glow and look younger and healthier.

Any cons?

Well... the thing that bothered me the most was its scent. I really didn't like it, it smells like a laundry detergent which irritates my nose and made me give this BB cream up.

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