My First Korean Beauty Haul and Eopenmarket's review: Tonymoly, SkinFood and more

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So today, I finally received the parcel I've been waiting for this whole week! I'm happy *-*

So what did I get for my first haul? 

I won't call it a huge haul but rather a mini haul since I only purchased few things, but I'm happy with it ^^

Here are some pics:

That's how it looks right after opening the box, they make sure to impress you with all the samples they give you.
as you can see, the products were well wrapped in the bubble wrap. (I unwrapped the aloe gel before taking the picture...)
As you can see, there aren't many products, but I'm content with em (as if I was able to buy more xD the only money I have left is to buy Big bang's album, let's just hope the WHO IS NEXT thingy about their comeback ㅠㅡㅠ)
Let me show you the products one by one!

Tonymoly I'm real mask sheets set (I'm in love with the "I'm real" line... I can't help it)

Another Tonymoly product: Appletox smooth massage peeling cream

Holika Holika Pig-Nose Clear Black Head 3-Step Kit

Skin Food black sugar mask wash off (full review here)
Tonymoly I'm real rice smooth toner (review here) and avocado rich cream (review here, andyeah you read right,  I bought another one..)

Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (reviewed it here)

Two other Tonymoly products (yeah I'm in love with this brand..) Delight Tony Tint #1 cherry pink and #2 orange cha cha

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

2 Eopenmarket Lucky Boxes (reviewed it here)

10 samples of Tonymoly red appletox honey cream (I tried 2 samples and I really loved it, but decided to try more before buying the regular size)

And finally some free samples (I don't know if almost all of them are Tonymoly samples because I asked for them or it was only a mere coincidence.. but I'm satisfied) + a free gift : Missha the style 4D Mascara

So what do you think about those products? Have you ever tried em? Personally, I've already tried few of them, and I'll be reviewing them later this week or next week (this way I will have a better idea about them to make a better review)

From where did I purchase those products?

Many people ask me from where I buy Korean skincare and beauty products, that's why I decided to start including some additional informations about the sellers I buy from (since I don't buy from only one shop).
Today, I'll make a short review about , the online store from where I purchased all of this.

Honestly, I've never heard about this shop since it isn't as well known as some other ones. I first discovered this website through their eBay store , CosmeticMarket2012 (and that's by the way from where I bought my 3 Missha M Perfect Cover BB Creams) and I got a little paper telling me about the shop.

I checked the website and I was impressed with their prices (that are a really awesome prices), and recently, there was a 20% all brands sales event, which was really great (I almost missed it).

They offer free shipping without any purchase price limit, $2.50 for standard shipping with tracking number, and only $21.90 for expedited shipping (which is really cheap if you compare it with other websites, but I don't really care since I never use it :3 ).
If your order volume is over $40, you get a free tracking number, and if it exceeds 190$, you get a free expedited shipping. Great isn't it?

Another thing I liked about this online store is that they are quite generous with their free gifts, here is some more information to have a better idea about how it works:

So let me summarize!

Eopenmarket's Pros:
- Really good prices
- Free shipping
- Free samples
- Free gifts
- The awesome giveaways (even though I've never won although I've participated in every one of them T_T)
- Fast shipping (I live in Morocco/zone 4, and I get my orders after about 7-10 days after shipping them out!)
- Costumer service

- They don't have a wide range of products since they are still new (but they are bringing more and more products every day)
- They take quite a long time to refill the stocks..

Overall, I'm really satisfied with this store. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask ^^
And please look forward to the products' reviews :)

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  1. Can you please review those lip tints?

  2. Hi! I'm new to eopenmarket and I saw that you purchased the lucky box. Do you like it a lot? I'm deciding whether I want the lucky box or the secret box...

    1. They are different actually. If you wanna try different korean products the the lucky box is made for you (multiple samples and cost 9$ only), if you wanna get full size products that you may or may not like/use then go for the secret box.
      the thing is that they made secret box 2 which isn't really as interesting as the first verson, i personally am not really into it, but it's ur choice.

  3. Replies
    1. From eopenmarket :) you can buy them from other stores as well and get some discount (check the coupon codes in my right sidebar)

  4. Hi, I'm planning to order some skincare stuff online but heard that if my order surpasses 500dhs i'll have to pay taxes de douane. Did you have to pay for them too or? thanks a lot

  5. It depends homa w ganthoum... u know how our country is. I never paid for years, and then one day they decided that I should pay and told me that even if it's only 1 DH you should pay "7a9 ljamarik" and you'll pay TVA (20%) if you surpass 500dh...
    But normally you won't pay anything for your few first times, and you should space your purchases and buy few items. The major reason they made me pay for is because they thought I'm a reseller.. they were like "oh on protege l'economie du pays blah blah blah"
    Well good luck with your purchase and hope they won't ask you to pay anything.. but thry might ask for a doctor's prescription (debri 3liha mn chi tbib kat3rfih wlla chriha wlla zouwriha.. ana saybtha l rassi lol)