[TONYMOLY] Mini Peach and Berry Lip Balms: Reviews, swatches and comparison.

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Hello everybody!

When I came back from the University last Friday, all I was thinking about is to take a rest, sleep, sleep and sleep, but the little box that was waiting for me made me change my mind instantly.

tonymoly mini berry peach lip balm

To be honest, I had no idea what was inside of this box since I've been ordering many things lately, and all of them come as a "gift" worth $6 to avoid extra costume fees. That's why I was hella excited to open it and discover what product I received this time, and I wasn't disappointed since those little cute lip balms are what I was anticipating the most. So let me introduce them to you!

tonymoly mini peach berry lip balm


- Mini Peach Lip Balm:
Has sweet and sour peach scent and contains Shea butter and rose hip oil. Mini Peach Lip Balm has no color for daily use without burden, and offers moisturising hydration to dry lips.

- Mini Berry Lip Balm:
Contains berry complex (Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and blackberry) that preserve moisture in lips. With natural color and fruit scent, it cushions the lips and provides essential year-round protection from damaging UV rays.

Volume: 7g (peach), 7.2g (berry)

How to use?

With your fingers, apply generously while massaging whenever you feel dryness on your lips.

Packaging and scent:
tonymoly mini peach berry lip balm
As you can see in the picture above, the lip balms are really small (considering that I already have small hands), and the mini berry is slightly smaller than the mini peach lip balm.

- Mini Peach Lip Balm:

tonymoly mini peach lip balm

tonymoly mini peach lip balm

tonymoly mini peach lip balm

This lip balm comes in a matte spherical container. The packaging is the smaller version of TONYMOLY's peach hand cream, that mimics perfectly the real Asian peach.

tonymoly mini peach lip balm

tonymoly mini peach lip balm

like most of TONYMOLY's products, this lip balm comes with a little white plastic lid, with TONYMOLY written on it.
I don't know if it's just me, but before opening the lid, the products smells like a sugary gums with strong artificial scent, but once I smell the lip balm directly, the scent is similar to a freshly cut peach.

- Mini Berry Lip Balm:

tonymoly mini berry lip balm

tonymoly mini berry lip balm

tonymoly mini berry lip balm

It come in a cute blueberry shaped container. The packaging is no less adorable than the mini peach lip balm, and the top part of it is made with what seems like rubber.

tonymoly mini berry lip balm

tonymoly mini berry lip balm

Similarly to the other lip balm, it comes with a white plastic lid to protect the lip balm, and it smells exactly like Bubbaloo gum.

None of the lip balms come with a brush, which mean you have to stick your finger inside of it every time you need to use it, and even if you have an extra brush, it won't work since this lip balm is really solid and melts under the fingers' warmth effect. Also, you need several swipes to get a decent amount of the product.

Performance and swatches:

Both lip balms moisturize and nourish the lips, and also soften the dead cells. My lips stay moisturized for about 5-6 hours without any need to reapply the product (of course if I don't eat or drink nor lick my lips, which was really hard to do..)

tonymoly mini berry peach lip balm

As you can see in the picture above, the mini berry lip balm has a nice pink color, while the peach one is transparent.

And now, let me show you how it looks on the lips.
PS: I left my lips without moisture nor exfoliation for more than 10 hours, to show you how bad their condition is (due to the bad weather and my fever).

My awfully chapped lips:
Mini Peach Lip Balm:
tonymoly mini peach lip balm
Mini Berry Lip Balm:
tonymoly mini berry lip balm
My lips are clearly moisturized, as for the mini berry lip balm's color, it's slightly similar to my lip's natural color so it isn't really noticeable on my lips, but if you look closely at my upper lip, you can see the difference (since my upper lip is less pigmented than the bottom lip, and has a little bit of yellowish color in it.)

So let's summarize!

- So moisturising and nourishing! After only 3 days of using them, my shaped lips are considerably healthier.
- Cute packaging ♡ (and I'm sucker for cute packagings)
- Travel friendly size.
- Nice natural color
- Adorable cute packaging (again)

- You should stick your fingers inside of it every time you need to use it. (But it's the price you pay for this adorable packaging)
- if you don't like strong scents, you may dislike those lip balms.

You can purchase it here:

- Tonymoly Mini Peach Lip Balm retails for $5.21 here .
- Tonymoly Mini Blueberry Lip Balm retails for $4.29 here
Smart shopping: You can get these two lip balms (peach + berry) + mini cherry lip balm for $12.91 only here.

Will I repurchase it?



I hope you enjoyed this review! don't forget to comment down bellow and let me know if you have any questions about those two lip balms, and your thoughts about them if you have already used them ^^

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  1. Oh gurl you have a really nice lips shape! Take care of them :)

  2. Are by any chance going to buy tony moly mini cherry lip balm?

    1. It's tempting me to be honest, but I'm not sure yet whether I'll buy it or not. maybe later sometime ^^

  3. Hey there :)
    Do you know the ingredients of the peach lip balm?
    I'm really picky with the cosmetics that I put on my lips :3

    Thank you !