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Hello everybody!
Since many of you have asked me about from where I purchase Korean beauty products, I decided today to introduce another interesting Korean beauty products' online shop to you!

So, what am I talking about?

It's an online store called WISHTREND, situated in Korea and shipping worldwide, from where you can purchase a wide range of skin care, makeup, hair and body care products for both men and women as well as beauty tools and accessories.
This website provides a wide range of products from 56 different brands, from the most famous brands worldwide to some less known brands, that are also hard to find in other online store.

As I mentioned before, this store ships worldwide, and provides three shipping methods:
- Free shipping: including free standard shipping for orders over $69 and free EMS shipping over 129$, in addition to the products in the  Free Shipping Zone.
- Standard shipping: provides tracking number and costs $7 to $12 (depending on where you live)
To avoid extra customs fees, the packages are marked as gifts under $20, unless you ask them not to.

Wishtrend offers diverse products with reasonable prices. They also provides special offers such as Clearance sales, Wish boxes and more where you can buy multiple products in cheaper prices.

Affiliate Program:
You can also join their affiliate program and earn 10% commission and sponsorship. Sign up here.

Actually, I first knew about this Wishtrend through their YouTube Channel : WishtrendTV. My love for Korean beauty products and culture makes me search for many informative videos and channels, and thus I came across this channel.
They often make videos about beauty tips and Korean trends, as well as some fun videos, hosted in English by some Korean girls!
BTW, they are looking for a new host for their channel, check out the video bellow if interested:

Another helpful video,

And a funny one (I seriously love this girl xD)

Thanks to the second video, I was able to know about this awesome Vitamin C serum that I looked for for a really long time but finally found it in their store.

You can find it here for only $14.99 (yes it's discounted) and guess what? They offer free shipping for this item! Buy it here.

What else? 
Well I guess that's all I have to say about this online store!
Ah by the way, if you want, use this promotional code: 125028803 and get a 5$ discount on your first order, or sign up here.

Have you ever purchased from this website? What do you think about it?
Don't hesitate if you have a question about it, I'll make sure to answer as soon as possible :)

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