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First of all, I wanna wish an Eid Mubarak Kareem to all of my muslim readers, and now, let's move to the reason I made this post.
When I log into my blogger account  few days ago, I was surprised to find out that Sheena Neil, an Australian family and lifestyle blogger, nominated me for the Liebster award. I wanna give here a huge thank you for choosing me, and please make sure to visit her lovely blog.

So what is the Liebster award?

Well, it’s kind of a shout out from bloggers to other bloggers.

How to accept The Liebster Award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  2. Copy and paste the Liebster Award badge in your post.
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers with 200 or less followers.
  4. Answer 10 questions for you and create 10 new questions for your nominees.
  5. Notify your nominees via a comment on their blog

So Sheena had a list of 10 questions to ask me, which for you readers out there, is a great way to get to know me better.

Here are the 10 questions:

1) What made you decided to start blogging?

I've always had this weird obsession with skin care and beauty products, that I sometimes buy just for the sake of buying, and never use them even once (especially makeup...). Later on, my sister suggested that I should make a blog or a youtube channel to share my passion and experience with others, and help the beginners to choose their first skin care products, so I went with creating a blog since I'm not confident yet to start my own youtube channel.

2) Do you have a pet?
No... but I wish I had a long-haired chihuahua. 

3) What country do you live in?

4) What is your favourite holiday destination?

5) What is your favourite day of the week and why?
Depending on which week xD for the time being, It's monday :3 I enjoy that feeling of everbody having to go to school/work and complaining about it, when I have absolutely nothing to wake up early for ♡ (I'm a devil I know)

6) What is your favourite tv show & why?
Running man, because it's really funny.

7) Who is your least favourite celebrity & why?
Ahmed Chawki. I really think he gets a lot of attention he doesn't even deserve, and.. I won't be done in a million years if I start saying why I don't like him. 

8) What is your favourite movie?

Gone girl.

9) When you are given a chance for a “Me moment” what do you do? 

I do my nails (I looove doing them myself and creating new nail art designs), or I draw.

10) What was your most favourite blog post you’ve written? Include the link!

My first post ever. It is lacking and is everything but perfect, but it would always hold a special place in my heart. You can find it here

Now, here are my 10 questions:

1) What made you start blogging?

2) Something you look for in your friends?
3) What upsets you the most?
4) What is you life goal, your biggest dream?
5) Do you have any phobia? What is/are it/they?
6) What is your favourite dish?
7) What are you 10 Top "to visite" countries?
8) What are you doing other than blogging?
9) Who is your favorite singer/band?
10) An experience you wanna relive?

I nominate the following Parenting bloggers.

These are all some great new blogs which I think you might like to read and share to your friends.

  1. Joe from My Dad Does
  2. Ari from Reasons to Smile
  3. Chelsea from Mom to mom- living the sweet wife
  4. Ryan from Ryanraroar
  5. Eddi and Bee from Eddibee
  6. Amanda from In The Mind Of Amanda McDonald
  7. Natalie from Used Luck
  8. Joan from Nonsonoquitter
  9. Hannah from Blooming in the rough
  10. Keisha from Loving Littles

Thanks again Sheena for nominating me ♡

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  1. Ive nominated you! :D

  2. Thank you! :) It's always nice to meet bloggers from all around the world!