[UPDATED] [WISHTREND] Black Friday 2015 Announcement and Informations

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Hello everybody!
I can't believe it's already the end of November ! Time flies !
Today I'm here to announce one of my favorite times of the year as a shopping addict, and it's..
*Drum* *Drum*

If you are following my facebook page, you would already know about some websites' Black Fridays (check here for more infos), and I figured that writing some blog posts about this huge event would be better.

Wishtrend, one of my favorite online stores is running HUGE discounts this week: you can SAVE UP TO 80% !!


Free Standard shipping : on orders over USD $59 instead of $69
Free Expedited shipping : on orders over USD $139 instead of $159

Don't forget about the Free Shipping zone! If you buy 1 item from this free shipping zone, you get free shipping on your whole order (that's what I always do :3 there are many awesome products with free shipping, so why would I pay for shipping fees?)

And of course, Wishtrend are offering ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT !!

Depending on how much you buy you will have additional discount (going from -5% to -20%).
To have additional discount you have to use the coupon code that will be annouced on November 23rd. So keep an eye on both my blog and Facebook page!

It's not everything, since Wishtrend are offering FREE GIFTs as well!

For every order over USD $99 (which you can easily spend on black fridays) You can receive a Wishtrend makeup pouch by using the free gift code: WISHPOUCH

Please note that the free gift is in limited quantity, so make sure to be one of the first purchasers!

You can also get an additional $5 discount on your first offer, by subscribing from here, or use my code 125028803 upon registration (there will be a specific field in your registration form like shown in the picture bellow where you can put the code mentioned above) or use it in the coupon code area during the check out.

You can use November's special coupon codes that you will find here, so make sure to use them as well.

Happy Black Friday, and happy Shopping everybody!!

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More infos about today's discounts:

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