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Today, I'm gonna review one of the Deep Power Ringer Mask Packs from Elizavecca that I was lucky enough to be chosen by BB cosmetic Korea to try them. These are fairly new So I'm glad to be one of the first Bloggers to review them. Thank you BBC Korea ♥
Just to let you know, I have a coupon code for you (FU3PRZ5A20358) so you'll be able to get an 8% discount off your order, feel free to use it!


Since the humidity high coercive of the skin to wrinkle whitening functionality authentication mask pack!
1 day 1 pack you are using to choose for each day of the week! :D

Volume: 23 ml (it feels like it has much more product. it kept dripping everywhere and the packet was full of liquid... and it seems like the sheet mask doesn't absorb much product)

Ingredients: you can find them here

Scent: It has a fruity artificial scent that isn't strong nor desagreable. it smells nice actually

hahah.. the fit. First of all, the sheet is extremely stretchable, so be careful otherwise you'll end up with the eyes' holes the size of your whole face. That being said, the fit wasn't as bad as I expected.. yeah I've read many posts complaining about how awful the fit was.. so it's either they stretched the mask without paying attention, or I have huge eyes lol. But I think that you might need to trim it from the sides a little bit because It's really huge, there was an extra 3cm or so from every side of my face, I had the essence all over my ears and hair as well.

One really annoying thing about this sheet mask is that it keeps sliding off my face, and dried rather quickly (they probably have to change the mask material so it would retain more essence instead of leaving most of it in the packet)

When I first heard about these masks, I was extremely excited about trying them but after reading some reviews, I was honestly put off, That's why I kind of had low expectation, BUT, this mask wasn't bad actually, it isn't the best but it was nice, it's true it left my skin sticky for the next 30 minutes after taking it off, but it didn't irritate my skin, and left my dehydrated skin soft and moisturised.

Final thoughts

- Nice Smell
- Leaves my skin soft and moisturized
- Affordable price ($11.03 for a pack of 10 isn't bad)

- Sticky
- Leaves a greasy residue, so I wouldn't recommend it for those with oily skin type
- Too stretchy for my liking, you might get a way too big mask with Power Rangers eye's size if you don't pay attention,
- The sheet does not retain enough essence.

Would I repurchase it? I don't know, I have to try the other masks as well since they aren't sold individually.

I will probably be trying one mask a day for the next week or so, you can find their reviews on my Instagram (make sure to follow me, this way you won't miss any of my IG reviews). Let me know which mask I should try next ^^

Check my other Elizavecca Power Ringer Masks reviews here:

After a couple of though days (well for those of u who are gollowing me on either ig of Fb you would know that my babe kitten has died... #RIP angel) I decided to try another one of the #Elizavecca Deep Power Ringer #Masks that were sent to me by @bbcosmetic_official in exchange for my honest review (you can use this code: FU3PRZ5A20358 to get a 8% discount off your order in their website). And since #RedGinseng is know for its revitalising and nourishing properties, I thought it would be the right one to try.
So here is today's #Quick_Review :
• Scent: I don't know if it does smell like red ginseng or not since I don't even know how it looks like, but it's a reaaally strong smell that burns in the throat and gives headache.
• Essence: this mask is soaked in a much thicker essence than the #Fruit Deep one, not much left in the package (unlike The Fruit Deep one where almost all of the essence was gathered in the bottom of the bag)
• Just like the other masks, this mask is really big, you'll have to trim the sides otherwise you'll end up with your hair soaked in the sticky essence as well.
•Performance: when I put this mask on, I felt some stinging in the lower part of my cheeks, my jaw and neck, but I ignored it (okay I was too lazy to walk those couple of feets that separate me from the mirror, and it's not like I'm going tomorrow anywhere anyways, so some irritation won't hurt). After taking it off and dabbing the remaining essence into my skin, my skin felt hydrated and (and sticky), but other than this nothing miraculous (it's a #ginseng #masksheet after all).
#sheetmask #sheetmaskaddict #abcommunity #rasianbeauty #bbcosmetics #powerringer #review
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(Skip this "introduction" to get to the actual #review) Usually, when people say #iwokeuplikethis , they mean it in a positive way since they probably woke up with a glowing face or something but O.F.C.O.U.R.S.E it's not the case for me... I woke up with a pimple taking up half my cheek... okay I'm exaggerating but it's really big and I hate pimples... And #mondays (and this was absolutely a lovely monday starting with this pimple following up with a lovely exam that I'm probably failing). And since I still had most of these #Elizavecca #masks @bbcosmetic_official sent me, I decided to give the tea tree one a try since #teatree is know for all of its antibacterial and anti acne benefits.

So here is my #Quick_Review for today:

• Scent: it has an artificial citrusy scent. Nothing strong.

• Essence: this mask was soaked in a wetery essence (it's slimier than the fruits one but more liquidy than the red ginsend one). Nothing much left in the package.

• Fit: among the 3 ones I've tried so far, this one has the worst fitting. The eye holes were okay-ish but the mouth hole was SO BIG. It also was bigger than my face.

• Performance: after few minutes of having this mask on, it startedpeeling off from the sides even though it was still wet. I left it on for 20min (I've read somewhere that we shouldn't leave it on more than the time mentioned on the package), and rubbed my body with the remaining essence. I felt nothing when I had it on but when I strted patting the remainig essence into my skin, it started slightly tingling but my face wasn't irritated. If anything it sliiiiightly reduced the redness in my face, my skin became softer and hydrated (but did almost nothing to my pimples). After 30 minutes of taking the #sheetmask off, the essence was fully absorbed but left behind an oily residue.

• #couponcode : use FU3PRZ5A20358 to get 8% off your order on #bbcosmetic_official website (sitewide not only for the masks ^^)

That's it for today, hope you liked it, and tell me if there is anything I own you want me to review it ^^ have a great day everybody ❤

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  1. Great, honest and personable review. I haven't heard of this brand before. Is it available in the UK?

    1. I'm not sure to be honest. You might find some of their more popular products like the Elizavecca milky piggy carbonated bubble mask, these masks are fairly new so I believe the only way to get them is to purchase them online. I might be wrong though

  2. I've never tried masks like this. Only those ones that you put on your face and wait to harden. I wonder if one is better than the other....I guess I won't know until I try!

    1. Oh are you talking about clay masks? Each of them has different purpose, the clay masks are designed mainly to clean the pores and tighten the skin, while this one can have different purposes like skin hydration and moisture, oil control, lifting, skin boosting and so on. +thy are much less messy ^^

  3. This mask sounds awesome! Gotta try and find me some. Thanks for the discount code!

    1. You are welcome ^^ hope it works for you ^^

  4. The price is perfect. I love that your cons were super honest too

    1. I'm trying to be as objective as I can ^^ I'm sure the ones who come to my blog do so to read honest reviews and not sugar coated ones ^^

  5. I just love face masks so much. The Deep Power Ringer Mask Packs seem really interesting to try.

    1. Some of them are really worth trying ^^