[HEIMISH] Dailism Mineral Rich Lipstick - Working Day: Review

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Hello guys~
I've recently been into lippies more than I have ever been (I usually use water lip tints, but I've decided to try some lipsticks and I think these will be what I'll keep using for the rest of my life lol), that's why I'm back with another lip product review, and this time, it's the Heimish Dailism Mineral Rich Lipstick that I've got a couple of weeks ago from Stylekorean.

Description and Claims:

- Contain natural plant oils.
- Creamy formula on the lips.
- Excellent color and stylish glossy color.

Capacity: 3g

Packaging: 10/10

I love the box and the packaging (when did I not like a heimish product packaging anyways lol).

The lipstick tube is made of a black glossy plastic (I guess) with a magnetic cap, and doesn't look cheap at all.

And of course they didn't forget to add "No More Normal" that seems to be written on all of their products.

Shades: 7/10

It comes in 8 pretty colors, it's not the widest range of shades that u can come across and they don't have any crazy colors but the have the basic everyday colors.

Scent: 10/10

I dunno if something is wrong with my nose or this lipstick does actually smell vaguely like infant cereals and cacao.. anyways it smells hella delicious to me *-* but It's so faint you have to put it right under your nose to smell it.

Texture: 8/10

This lipstick is  really creamy and glides smoothly like butter on the lips. It moisturises the lips (not as much as a chapstick of course but still..) but it might look patchy if your lips are in an extremely bad condition. Also, since it's super creamy, it kinda sets in the lip lines (I dunno if it would be a problem for you but my lips are extremely liny)

Pigmentation: 10/10

This product is fairly pigmented, which means you won't have to layer it and thus a little goes a long way. It also is easily blendable which makes it perfect for gradient lips.

Application: 8/10

Just like what I said before, this lipstick glides smoothly on the lips and doesn't feel tacky or sticky once applied. It also does not leave that spider webs kinda look even though it is really creamy, so you get defined pretty lips that you won't need to redefine using a concealer. It also doesn't stain the lips which can be a con or a pro depending on your preferences, I personally use peripera rose quartz lip tint (I reviewed it here) underneath it.

Lasting Power and Transfer proof: 6/10

Just like most of the glossy lipsticks I've tried before, It lasts for a decent time until you eat something then u eat it with it (since it's not a tint), which means you'll have to retouch a few times throughout the day. It's not transfer proof but it doesn't really transfer as much as other lipsticks do. (believe me I've tried some lipsticks that transfer even when you don't touch your lips...)

Would I repurchase it?

Yes! I love the colors, the pigmentation and how moisturising they are, and would probably purchase more shades of it ^^

Where to buy:

Heimish Dailism  Mineral Rich Lipstick retails for $15.13 and is available in 8 colors at Stylekorean.com 
PS: Day-off, happy day and good day trip are on sale for only $7.90

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Stylekorean . Opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. im in love with heimish products and dying to get their palette and lipstick asap :( you did a great review babe <3

    1. Thank you bb ♥ heimish products are absolutely amazing, I'm sure you'll like them.

  2. the color is so pretty!!
    thanks for the review ^^

    1. The color is even prettier irl. Glad you like my review ^^ hope it was helpful :)

  3. I thought it would have a matte finish since their other lipstick is quite glossy, but seems like I was wrong.
    Great review btw :)

    1. I expected it to be matte as well tbh, but it's not thaaaat glossy (and definitely not as glossy as their other lippie)
      And thank you ♥