[TONYMOLY] Pokémon Mini Cushion Blusher - Pink Fantasy: Review

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In the past couple of months, Korean beauty brands have been launching cute themed products but I was able to control myself (okay maybe I didn't since I ended up buying at least 10 cute collaboration collections, but it could have been worse believe me), but when it came to Tonymoly x Pokemon line, I couldn't help but get at least three or four products, and among these was this cute Tonymoly Pikachu Mini Cushion Blusher that was sent to me by the lovely Alice from W2beauty along with a couple of other products and a tonne of samples (see for yourself):

Capacity: 9g

Packaging: 8/10

Tonymoly Pokemon Cushion blusher comes in a yellow smaller version of the usual bb cushion packaging, with Pikachu printed on the flip top cap, and a cute Pokéball mini cushion puff (it's really tiny you can only use two fingers)

Shades: 5/10

Just like the original No Spoiler Cushion Blusher, this one comes in three shades:
- No 1 Pink Fantasy: A super pale blue base pink, kinda unique shade, very sheer and gives a natural glow .
- No 2 Rose Coral: A Peachy pink that would suit most people, but especially those with medium skin tone
- No 3 Peach orange: This is the most pigmented out of them, I think it would be too dark a shade for those with fair skin tones, unless they are looking for umm, a dramatic sunburn look.

As you can see, they have a very limited range of shades which is kinda common with korean blushes (well except for etude house's cookie blushers that come is a wiiiiide range of shades)

Scent: 9/10

It smells like pink milk candies (cremo strawberry candies)

Texture: 10/10

It has the same texture as the usual bb cushions. you get a sponge saturated with liquid blush. I personally like this kinda blush better than powder blushes since it's much less  drying and blends seamlessly.

Pigmentation and color pay off: 7/10

I got Pink Fantasy, and although it is kinda pigmented, it's super pale compared to the other shades which means it probably wouldn't show on people with a medium light skin tone since it would be almost the same shade as theirs. But even though it's barely visible, it gives a nice glow to the skin and brightens up the over all complexion. I really like it. (and I don't even know why do my hands always look dark on pics? any ideas why?)

Application: 9/10

The application is really easy since the puff that comes with it is small, and it blends so prettily. that being said, the application can be tricky if you got the darker shade since you might pick up too much product if you press the whole puff instead of just a little part of it, so you might want to use your finger or a stippling brush instead.
PS: Make sure to press/tap the puff against your cheek to transfer the color onto your cheek without moving your base makeup.

Finish: 8/10

it has a semi matte finish that goes well with the over all semi matte / dewy korean look, but you can use a setting powder on top to mattify it if you want.

Lasting Power: 7/10

It isn't super lasting to be honest compared to western cream/powder blushes, I can't compare it with other cushion blushers since this one is the first one I try.

Would I repurchase it?
I love it and I absolutely recommend it, but I wanna try more cushion blushers (with other cute packagings)

Where did I get it from?

TonyMoly Pokémon Cushion Blusher retails for $14.40 and is available in 3 shades at W2beauty  ( you can use my invitation code 0814880404 upon registration to get 5$ off your first 30$ purchase)

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from W2beauty . Opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. Personally, i love the 3rd shade the most. I've tried a couple of cushions before, but never a blush. I was afraid it was way too pigmented :))

    1. the 3rd shade is really dark it might look weird on you if you have a light skintone

  2. Great post! This blusher looks so cute, but I'm not used to blush in a cushion form, but still I want to try it :)

    1. I was really reluctant about trying it at first, and I honestly bought it at first just because of the packaging (just like practically everything else I buy) but it turned out not bad at all. I think you'll probably like it as well ^^