[INNISFREE] No Sebum Mineral Powder: Review + 12 different ways to use it

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I'm no professional when it comes to makeup, but I've always heard that setting powders are meant for people with oily skin to make their foundation last longer, or for other skin types to mattify their foundation, but never heard someone recommending it for people with dry/dehydrated skin since it would supposedly dry their skin out even more. But since I've heard lots of good things about the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, I decided to get it and if didn't work I'll just pass it to my sister or something.

Description and claims:

1. Dual Sebum Control system makes your skin soft and gorgeous.
2. Great sebum absorptive power.
3. Containing JEJU natural mineral & mint ingredient, control oil and moisture and make your skin healthy.
4. Soft fine powder.

Volume: 5g



Packaging: 9/10

It comes in a simple and neat mint colored jar with a pierced lid/plastic grid and a small fluffy puff applicator (that I rarely use, and use a fluffy brush instead), the pierced lid can't be locked like some other powders I've seen (the pony one for example), so you might get the powder all over the place when u open it.

Scent: 9/10

It has a very faint herbal scent.

Texture: 9/10

This is a fine white translucent powder.

How to use:

Personally, I use this powder in many different ways, so I thought about sharing with you guys:
1- Mattifying your foundation: you can apply it on top of your makeup to mattify it, make it last longer and prevent your base makeup from creasing and separating.
2- Sebum absorption: Use it throughout the day whenever you feel like your skin is becoming oily instead of a blotting paper
3- Baking: after applying concealer, use a makeup sponge to pat a thick layer of translucent powder and leave it for about 10 minutes, and then dust it away using a fluffy makeup brush, and these areas will look brighter. it would also make your makeup look flawless.
4- No more patchy foundation: I have a dehydrated skin so my foundation looks quite patchy around my mouth and forehead areas during the winter, and I noticed that applying loose powder to these zones make the foundation look much much better and the patchiness is concealed, which is all I can ask for when it comes to makeup.
5- Eye primer: Prime your eyelids with it if you have oily lids, and your eyeshadow will stay longer.
6- Voluminous lashes: Apply it on your lashes and then apply a couple of coats of mascara, and your lashes will look more voluminous
7- Smudge free eyeliner: After applying eyeliner, apply a thin layer of powder over it to set it and keep it from smudging.
8- Catch eyeshadow fall outs: apply some powder under your eye area and once your eye makeup is complete dust it away.
9- Long lasting and flawless lipstick: just like foundation, you can use it to mattify your lipstick but that's not everything! by applying your lipstick, patting translucent powder on top of it and then reapplying it, you will fill your lip lines (if you have liny lips like me) and make your lips look flawless and your lipstick last much much longer.
10- Anti transpiration: you can use it on your hands whenever they feel clammy or sweaty, you can also use it in the underarm area to absorb the extra sweat (either directly on your skin or on your clothes, it will do a good job both ways)
11- Nail art: translucent powder can be used as well as a nail primer as it can be used for nail art designs by mixing it with your nail polish and use it to draw 3D designs.
12- Dry shampoo: apply it to your roots and the powder will absorb all the oils and will make your hair look fresh and voluminous.

Effectiveness: 9/10

This powder blends in nicely and leaves the skin matte and soft, and as long as you use a little amount, there won't be any major with cast. 
As I mentioned before in the how to use section, this powder helps me conceal my dry patches during the winter, and takes care of the excessive oil during the summer time (or any time of the year for my sister's oily skin)
It also is a versatile product that can be used differently.

Moisture/oil control: 9/10

It does a great job controlling sebum and keeping your makeup from creasing.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. it is a really good product that can be used in different ways!

You can buy it:

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder retails for $5.58 at Jolse and is also available in a pact version as well as a blur version.

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from Jolse. Opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own.

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  1. This product contains unfortunately silicone. I like to read your posts anyway because they include a lot of information that I wasn't aware of beforehand and could probably be applied on future experiences.

    1. There are only few setting powders that are silica-free (like Laura mercier setting powder), look into it.
      And I'm glad to know that you enjoy reading my posts ^^ thank you for taking the time to read and leave comments 😊

  2. Have you tried the peach sake powder? (I think it's from skinfood, not sure though).
    If so, which one is better?
    Great review like always ��

    1. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't really help.
      But I heard that the skiinfood peach sake one gives a smoother finish and is more suitable for oily while this one is suitable for combination to normal skin. But I haven't tried it myself so I'm not really sure..