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Hello lovelies~~

I really love Etude house mono eyeshadows, that's why I've been thinking about trying one of their limited edition eyeshadow palettes for a while, and the ones I've wanted to try the most are:

So when W2beauty asked me to pick some few products from their website to review, I ended up choosing the ice van one since there were only few ones left and it has the most natural colors in the bunch, so it would be great for daily makeup.

Description and claims:

The 10-color eye shadow palette expresses sweet ice cream colors on the eyelids. Great for summer & beach makeup.

Product details:

  • Composed with best colors of 'Look At My Eyes' & 5 new colors
  • Sweet Ice Cream colors that melt into your eye mildly
  • Soft & silky texture with highly pigmented, lasting color
  • Creates versatile makeup look in matte and shimmer finishes

Volume: 1g x 10

Active Ingredients:

I can't seem to find the ingredient list.. sorry.


The shape and concept of this palette is pretty similar to the other 10-color palettes they have. It comes in a mint colored packaging, which I think is really pretty and gives the refreshing vibes of summer.

The eyeshadow pans are separated from the large mirror by a plastic film where they've written the shades' names as well as some cute ice cream drawings. 

It also comes with a couple of applicators that look kinda cheap in my opinion and that I would probably never use.

Texture, Performance and Swatches:

Just like the other Etude House eyeshadows, these ones are smooth and easily blendable. The colors are really pretty and pigmented and the color selection is absolutely awesome, there isn't a color that wouldn't be used especially if you were more into natural makeup. The color payoff is pretty decent but I still like to use an eye primer with them.

This palette comes in a mixture of mattes, shimmers and glitters.

- Goddess with an acoustic guitar: A pretty shimmery copper shade. (shimmer)
- Fresh Grapefruit Tea: One of my favorite colors in this palette; A satin peachy orange. (matte)
- Ah! Secret: A dark cool toned brown with tiny teeny barely noticeable shimmers in it. (shimmer)
- Come With an Wind: This one is really glittery (not as much as the heimish one though, review here), Too bad my phone camera couldn't pick it up. (glitter)
- Strawberry Jubilee: Another favorite of mine, and one of the most pigmented shades of the bunch. A really pretty pink with a tad bit of microscopic shimmers in it (shimmer)
- Rose Tea: A cute pale pink. (matte)
- Vanilla Bong Bong: A yellowish base color. (matte)
- Shooting Mint: another glittery shade with a slight minty shade in it. Too bad it's not as pigmented as I would love it to be. (glitter)
- Mom Is an Earthian: The darkest and most pigmented color in the palette. (matt)
- Finish a Marathon: A medium reddish brown shade. (shimmer)



- Cute packaging
- Silky smooth powder, blends out seamlessly
- Fairly pigmented
- Lovely color selection
- Lasts for 6-8 hours without primer, and moooore with a primer.
- Large mirror
- Isn't patchy, and doesn't crease


- The mint color isn't as pigmented as I would have loved it to be.
- The applicators that comes with it are pretty much useless

Do I recommend it?


You can buy it:

Etude House Play Color Ice Van retails for $35.99 at Amazon.

I got mine from w2beauty, but unfortunately it's sold out there, but you can find the other etude house palettes they have here. Also, keep an eye on their website as they're gonna relaunch their website soon, and come with new competitive prices.

In addition, they will have a new editorial section, a new video section, and a new community section, where any of us can be the star. W2Beauty will become a one-stop destination for K-beauty, where you can learn, watch, share, and shop everything K-beauty.

And the best part is: In celebration of their upcoming re-launch, and to thank their customers, they’ll be putting on some amazing campaigns every month, filled with exclusive discounts, awesome giveaways, and fun contests. To kick it off, they offer you our January K-Beauty Surprise: An EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT of 25% on specially selected products from their new exclusive K-beauty brands: ECLADO and TROIAREUKE, two brands that proved their devotion to serious skin care solutions. Just use the codes: W2ECLADO25 and W2TROIAREUKE25

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from W2beauty Opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own.

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    1. Wa khti TTTT I want the orange one now TT

  2. Omg the colors are sooooo pretty and cute w dakchi ;-; bghit

  3. EH eyeshadows are some of the best imo.

    Do you think it's travel friendly? not popping open in a bag or leaking for whatever reason?

    1. No need to worry ^^ it's very secure.

  4. OMG I didn't know that W2beauty have Troiareuke! I'm so gonna check them out!
    Btw, what about their service? does it take ages for the goodies to reach you? do they give lots of freebies? (everybody loves freebies you know)

    1. They have almost everything *-* You should absolutely check them out.
      Alice is really lovely and ships the goodies in the next 48h most of the time, it depends on where you live but for Morocco, it gets here after around two weeks.
      as for freebies, they send A LOT of freebies (check my pikachu cushion blusher review and see for yourself)

  5. You have this palette too? Nice review :)

    Have a nice day~


    1. Thank you ^^ have a lovely day as well :)

  6. Great review �� i have the juice bar palette and i loove it

    1. I really wanna get it as well TT
      Thank u btw :*