StyleKorean K-beauty Haul: Huxley, Etude House, Heimish, C20, Elizavecca

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Here I'm back again guys with another haul, and this time, it's from StyleKorean!

Stylekorean is an online store based in South Korea, and sells Korean beauty products as well as some kpop albums (Can't wait for my fav's comeback to try ordering my albums from them). They have a wide range of products from different brands (some of them are hard to find anywhere else like Huxley, 3CE, Chosungah, Belief, G9Skin etc etc), they also often have sales in their store and sometimes they even offer free shipping (which I managed to miss multiple times... Good Job me!)

I had no problem ordering from them. They shipped my order the next day, and since I choose EMS, I received my items after 3 days. The shipping cost is based on the products' weight as well as the shipping destination, you can get more infos here if you want.

And now moving to what I got!

Huxley Oil Essence: Oil-like, Essence-like

I first heard about this product from some youtubers, and since I love hybrid products and my skin feels extra dry nowadays, I knew that I had to get this product, but unfortunately couldn't find it anywhere that could ship to my country. A couple of weeks later, Stylekorean staff asked me if I was interested in trying any of their newest products so of course I had to pick this one up, and that's how I actually ended up ordering more products (that I paid for from my own money) from them since I was running out of some of my favs.
I've only used it once and I'm already in love with how moisturising it is without being heavy on the skin. I'm gonna review it for you guys in the next couple of weeks once I've tested it enough, so keep an eye on my blog ^^

You can get yours here

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum:

I've long came to terms that I simply can't live without this serum. It helps my skin in so many ways I can't not fall in love with it (this is already my 7th bottle... so you can tell how much I love it). I'm not gonna talk about this one any further since I'll probably never stop raving about it. Check my review here if you wanna know why I like it.
You can get yours here

Heimish All Clean Balm:

Another product that I totally fell in love with last year (check my 2016 favourites list here if you want). This the better version of the banila co clean it zero balm imo, and even though I don't wear makeup often, I like to double cleanse my face everyday (Check my Skincare101 series here where I talked about Why it's really important to double cleanse), thus the reason I almost run out of it and I had to restock.
You can get it here

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask:

I've tried this mask a couple of times already but never purchased it myself. It's fun to use from time to time but I can't remember if it did do anything to my skin, that's why I decided to purchase it and try it out properly this time.
I got mine here.

Etude House Dear Darling Oil Tint: PK003 and RD302

I was looking for some new lip tints that won't dry my lips out nor make them look more chapped than they already are, and stumbled upon these ones. I've included two of them in my order to try them out, but before I even received them I ended up buying the remaining colours xD
I'm gonna wait for the other colors to come to make a full review + swatches post, so all I'm gonna say now is that I LOVE them.

You can get them here

Do I recommend this shop?
They don't offer the cheapest prices over there nor free shipping, but they do have a large selection of products that are hard to find elsewhere, or for pricier brands like 3CE, Dr jart, Sulhwasoo.. etc that are really expensive on other stores but are available for a reasonable price on Stylekorean. Also, if you are used to making huge orders, this would be a really good option for you since the shipping fees won't be as pricey as when you order only few products, and you end up spending less money. 


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  1. I've heard so many good things about that Huxley oil essence I think it's exactly what I need. What are your thoughts about it so far?
    I think I'm definitely gonna buy it, the thing is, I can't really find it anywhere and since I live in the other side of the world, the shipping is gonna cost me a fortune :/ if only they had free shipping

    1. I really like it so far (keep in mind that I've only used it 3-4 times so I might change my opinion about it later) But, I like how light yet moisturising it is, it definitely is absorbed quicker than any face oil I've ever used (I've only used the banish one) but it takes more time than FTE and some other light essences I've tried.
      As for the shipping, yeah it can be quite expensive for those living far away from Sth Korea, I don't know where are you from but they do offer free shipping to the US and Australia for orders over $70