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Watching Eddy and Joan rave about Troiareuke for this past year made me wanna try it out for myself, but unfortunately couldn't since it wasn't available online and the only way to purchase it was to contact them via Facebook and PAY EMS charges that end up being an extra $40 or so (I honestly hate how expensive shipping fees are TT Can't they lower them a bit?), So when one of the Troiareuke team offered to send me 3 products to try out, I was really happy. I still had to pay that 40 bucks for the shipping (ugh) but still it was worth it since Troiareuke/Troipeel have always been on top of my To Try Brands.
And since I'm a huge fan of bb cushions, I had to get one of their cushions and see about this 99% skincare 1% makeup thingie I've always heard about.
They have 3 types of cushions:

- Troipeel H+ Healing cushion
- Troiareuke Acsen A+ Cushion
- Troiareuke Seoul Aesthetic cushion

I initially wanted to try the A+ cushion but since it only comes in the shade 23, I had to get the H+ cushion instead since it comes in the shade 21.

Description and claims:

Volume: 15g

Main Ingredients:

Packaging: 10/10

The H+ cushion comes in a simplistic white packaging with green accent and reminds me of medicines which goes well with their concept: Prescribed Cosmetics.

It comes with two beige air puffs that are larger and thicker than the typical blue air puffs.

Also, the box it comes in has tiny gold shimmers as you can see in the picture below

They use a mochi cushion system that prevents the product from oxidizing, and thus everytime you use it the bb cream will be as fresh as a new one.

Scent: 7/10

It has a quite strong floral scent, but once you apply it it fades away.

Shades: 5/10

This bb cushion comes in only one shade which is the major downside of this cushion. Hopefully they make more shades (and offer the 13 or 21 shade for the A+ cushion since I heard it's much better than this one)
They claim that it is supposed to match the skin later on (I can't really tell since I have a fair skin), but I noticed that it gets a tad bit darker (nothing major though) 30 minutes or so after applying it. 
Undertone: This cushion has a neutral undertone.
SPF: 50 PA+++ which means you might look like a ghost if you took pictures with flash while having this bb cushion on (or any other korean bb cushion for this matter)

In the picture below, I swatched some bb cushions/creams I have to give you an idea about its color (PS: The missha bb cream one is inaccurate because I found out later that I used an expired one instead of the new one)

Coverage: 8/10

Many people say that this cushion offers a high coverage but I don't really agree. It offers a medium coverage that is higher than many cushions out there but still nowhere near a full coverage, but still it's really surprising considering the amount of skincare it has. So if you have some major redness or breakout you might need to use a concealer as well.

Finish: 7.5/10

I was expecting this cushion to have a dewy finish but it ended up having a semi matte finish instead (I'm not complaining since I'm not really a fan of overly dewy foundations), and it's not sticky either.
Another thing I like about this cushion is that it hides most of the pores instead of emphasizing them, that being said, you might need to apply a primer if you have huge pores (but then this defies the purpose of this cushion and would prevent the skincare in it from reaching your skin.)
But of course, no cushion is perfect and this one isn't either. even though it's supposed to target those with dry skin, it unfortunately does cling to some of my dry patches, so keep this in mind and make sure your skin is exfoliated.

Moisture: 8/10

This cushion claims to have a water wrapping system that forms a thin moisture layer on the skin surface to prevent the trans epidermal water loss and give a long lasting moisturized skin, and true to its words, it does feel moisturizing on the skin and doesn't dry it out even after few hours from having it on.

Lasting power: 6/10

The Troipeel H+ Cushion didn't really last longer than 5 hours before it started separating around my nose. Keep in mind that I didn't use a primer nor set it with a powder, so it might last longer than this.

What about its skincare benefits? 10/10

As you might already know, I have a dehydrated, combination acne prone skin with kinda sensitive cheeks (what a lovely skin I have), so I tend to break out whenever I have a foundation for longer than 8 hours, let alone if I sleep without washing it off, that's why (for your sake guys) I slept one day without taking it off, and guess what? Nothing happened! no breakouts, no new blackheads!
I also kept a basic skincare routine and used this for two weeks to see if it would improve my skin, and I noticed that it reduced my redness and my pimples tend to heal faster and my skin tend to break out less.
Another thing the Troipeel H+ Cushion claims is that it can be used even after laser (and microneedles treatment), so I convinced a friend of mine who are getting a laser treatment to try it after her treatment session and see if her skin would be irritated or anything, and thankfully it didn't (she would have killed me if anything happened to her skin)

Do I recommend it?

Yes! It is a really decent bb cushion that offers lots and lots of skin benefits for those of you with an acne prone skin! It is kinda pricey but then again many people use IOPE, LANEIGE, HERA, Sulwhasoo and many other bb cushions that are from the same price range or with a higher price tag.
That's true that this one isn't as long lasting as the other bb cushions mentioned, but the skincare benefits are really worth it if you have an acne prone skin.
Also, if you can pull both 21 and 23 shades or just don't mind it and had to choose between the A+ and H+ cushion, I'd recommend you go for the A+ cushion since it lasts longer and depending on what a friend of mine told me, doesn't cling to dry patches either.

You can buy it:

Troipeel H+ Cushion
- Amazon (Prime) for $41.98 (Click here for an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)
Troiareuke Acsen A+ Cushion
Amazon (Prime) for $39.98 (Click here for an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial)

Disclosure: Financial compensation was not received for this post. A sample product was gifted from MK Universal. Opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own.

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